the begining
Project log #4
about 1 year ago - 0 comments

the first thought seamed simple enough and prototype 1 was born. but it failed completely as the power transfer tracks were doggy and inconsistent.

prototype 2
Project log #3
about 1 year ago - 0 comments

I finally got the copper tracks worked out using copper tape and sim card brushes. I also got a custom gcode parser and sender to make the clock go to unique positions . This made it a lot easier to program and test it. Also i figured out the homing sequence using a reflective optical sensor , hall sensors and magets

figuring the positions
Project log #2
about 1 year ago - 1 comment

To work out the clock postitions I used a grasshopper script. The angles that i got from the script i directly plugged them into the arduino sketch. Also it there was a position which caused a foul i could simulate it easily in the gh script rather than constantly crash the arms.

prototype 3
Project log #1
about 1 year ago - 0 comments

this was a sort of a final working prototype with most of the issues worked out and the leds added to the arm. 

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