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Arduino Based Binary Clock

Project in progress by El Condor

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Simple Security System

Project showcase by Zeeshan

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"Mini-Vintage" Internet Radio

Project tutorial by Guilherme Schallenbach

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Amazing Binary Clock using LED Matrix Module

Project in progress by LAGSILVA

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  • Arduino Based Binary Clock over 1 year ago

    Hey Moony, sorry for not reacting sooner. Do you know which simulator you are looking to use?
    There are some available on the internet. However, the code is based on the use of the Arduino LED shield. The library is linked into the project at the top of the code. The simulator might need to support to simulate the LED shield.
    The core of the code may be used independently of the library so that the project may be simulated. Again, that mostly depend on how your simulator is working.


  • Dewalt Raspberry Pi Development Laptop over 3 years ago

    This looks completely awesome. I have the exact same idea and have been gathering hardware to do this for over half a year now. I am planning to implement a 15" LCD screen for which I have bought a driver board in China. I will mount this using clear perspex. The metal plate you are using, I want to use treadplate and make the whole device look a bit more like a doomsday device. Perhaps even put some LED segment displays in there.
    Then create a specific compartment in which the Pi will be housed so the heart of the case can be exchanged. Will post eventually on Hackster.IO as well.

    But this project will be my inspiration.


    El Condor

  • Arduino Simple "Camera Slider" Electronics over 3 years ago

    Sure, can be overwhelming all this Arduino/Raspberry Pi stuff. I have the feeling I have been after-schooling myself in electronics over the last couple of months...

    Have a look at this link for tutorials on Arduino interrupts:

    There are a load more tutorials to be found online!

    Have fun!

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