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Arduino MEGA Guitar Pedal

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Arduino DUE Programmable Guitar Pedal

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Arduino UNO Guitar Pedal

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  • Arduino UNO Guitar Pedal 7 months ago

    yes, it is a 500K potentiometer.

  • Arduino UNO Guitar Pedal 9 months ago

    Hi, the toggle switch is just a programmable switch, so the player can assign any function to it. I.E if you want to change from echo to delay you can do it flipping this switch or if you want to add extra distortion or any other feature, you can program the code to use the switch as a "signal" to do it.

  • Arduino UNO Guitar Pedal about 1 year ago

    The KiCad files are public an available in the ElectroSmash Forum, but as far as I know there is no easy way to import KiCad schematics into any simulator.
    I would recommend you to use LTSPice (free: and make the circuit from scratch there, it is a simple tool with plenty of online tutorials and it wont take you much time to learn it.

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