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An Arduino-Powered Easter Egg Printer

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  • An Arduino-Powered Easter Egg Printer about 1 year ago

    Hello, what update are you referring to?

  • An Arduino-Powered Easter Egg Printer over 1 year ago

    Hello magicmich,

    We are by no means related to a company you’ve mentioned in your comment. An Arduino-Powered Easter Egg Printer was our holiday-themed experiment, not a commercial project or product we are selling.
    We are not posting the code here, since the printer is just a raw demo created by one of our developers in a rush to meet the holiday deadline. Our aim was to share some holiday spirit inside the community. So, what we are presenting here is rather a concept, not a full-scale project.

    You can check our Blog ( ) to discover our latest R&D experiments or visit our site ( ) to learn about the company and the services we provide.

    The ELEKS team

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