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Arduino 32x8 LED Matrix Info Display

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Stereo NeoPixel Ring VU Meter

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A Model Lighthouse Using an Adafruit NeoPixel Ring

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  • Stereo NeoPixel Ring VU Meter 4 days ago

    Well, a big part of the code has to be rewritten, using arrays to store the values would be most efficient.

    A problem might be that you need at least 8 analog inputs (not every Arduino has enough) and also 8 pins for the strips.

    Another problem might be the speed, I'm not sure if a 16 MHz Arduino will be fast enough to display 8 responsive strips. You might need to optimize the code for speed or use a faster microcontroller.

    An alternative would be to use 4 Arduinos to drive 2 strips each.

  • Stereo NeoPixel Ring VU Meter 10 days ago

    Hi Alexandre, what do you mean with "dot" mode, the 'bouncing' peaks leds?
    OK, busy day, I'll check tomorrow ;-)

  • Stereo NeoPixel Ring VU Meter 10 days ago

    Hi Alexandre,

    Great you got your VU working, looking nice!

    About the errors:
    1) I think you mean peaks on or off at startup? You can reverse the setting of the peak switch (and startup setting) by setting this value to true or false: int reverseShowPeaks = true

    2) I think you mean line 530? Not sure what to think about this: while (digitalRead (showPeaksPin) == LOW will pause the script until you release the button and it is started because the reading is LOW in line 524. So both either LOW or HIGH, not opposite. When I have a push button connected, I'll test it.

    3) I realized the code changed considerably so that's why I kept the original version. In the latest version with 2 pins, the left (or one) strip went from pin 6 to 5 and pin was used for the right strip. It will only effect if you started with the 1st version and went to the latest, otherwise not.

    Yeah, you will have to adjust some sensitivity or other settings to make the code suit your code and likings. The most important can be find now by searching for @EB in the code.

    About the function of the push selectButtonPin, check this video:

    It cycles through the colorschemes. You can also hard code them (line 338). Schemes 11 or 12 will display spinning color wheels.
    BTW: it is not so hard to adjust the code in line 530 so holding the peak button (say: 2 seconds) will function as a 2nd button.

    Anyway, great you finished your project!


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