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  • Using FreeRTOS Semaphores in Arduino IDE about 11 hours ago

    You need one semaphore for each resource you are giving indepentldent access to. That is one for each serial port.

  • Using FreeRTOS multi-tasking in Arduino 12 days ago

    The Arduino loop() function is still available when using the FreeRTOS library in the Arduino IDE. The only thing to be aware of is that it MUST NOT contain any delay or blocking code. It is run by the FreeRTOS idle task, which is used when no other task is scheduled to run.

    If you put blocking code, like waiting for a character, or key stroke, or some external event, or even a timer, in the loop() function, particularly if it disables interrupts, then the FreeRTOS scheduler won't be run again. This is bad.

    But, you can put your code in the loop() function, as long as you remember that it will be run at the lowest priority, when no other task can be scheduled to run.

  • Using FreeRTOS multi-tasking in Arduino 19 days ago

    There's not much I can say directly, except to comment that I built (potentially) a similar system using a RTC and temperature sensor for input, and some servos and a display for output some time ago.

    I have some code in my Retrograde Clock repository, which supports the Retrograde Clock described in the posts. Pehaps it will be useful for you to have a look at it and take it as an example?

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