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  • Using FreeRTOS Semaphores in Arduino IDE 3 months ago

    Adding the
    #include <semphr.h>
    will work if you've installed the Arduino_FreeRTOS library as described above,
    and in Using FreeRTOS multi-tasking in Arduino

  • Using FreeRTOS Semaphores in Arduino IDE 6 months ago


    Thanks. And, I hope it remains useful for you.

    The reason that you can't find a way to execute a Task only once is that no-one has thought of that before. ;-).

    No, but seriously. FreeRTOS does allows you to create and delete Tasks, but the creation of a Task is associated with a lot of processing, so it is not normally considered for something that will be done just once, because there's no point to schedule a single execution. Look in the user manual for the Task creation and deletion APIs.

    You can create a Task, if you wish, and have it remain Blocked for its entire life except for that one occasion where you need it to run once. That would achieve the outcome you're looking for, I think.

    Good luck!

  • Using FreeRTOS multi-tasking in Arduino about 1 year ago


    Thanks for the question. The simplest way to see what's going on is to go to the GitHub repository and have a look around.

    You can also find where the Arduino libraries are installed on your computer. Just Google it, and you'll learn more about what's going on under the covers.

    Also reading on the FreeRTOS web site will help you understand why things are named in certain ways. All of the Constant Declarations and Function calls are defined there.


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