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  • SketchBoard about 5 years ago

    This was one of my favorite projects out of the second provocation. Both the execution and presentation were clean and amazing (liked the diagram listing all hardware parts; video was really clear about the product intentions; etc.).

    In terms of implementation and additional functionality, I think somehow incorporating a user's control of pen/color switching while riding on his skateboard would add an extra dimension of interaction. Imagine the skateboarder clicking a button in mid-air of a trick so he can get explosive colors of red, etc.

    Overall, great work! Major props again on the execution and delivery.

  • NoPro about 5 years ago

    Hands down, you guys definitely had the best video among all the groups.

    I also found your approach to this product really interesting and saw the noir influence. You could have marketed it as a fitness helper chair (forces you to not sit down for so long) but instead you went with 'anti-productivity' tool as you mentioned.

    Also, major props with the implementation. I would have avoided this project all together because of all the heavy lifting (breaking open the chair; embedding electronics in it AND the shoe), but I felt like you did an excellent job. The only thing, however, is that I feel like vibrations on the chair aren't the best thing as a deterrent, and that there should be a timer than just LED lights in a row.

    But yeah, great work guys!

  • Mystick about 5 years ago

    I definitely enjoyed this project and the idea. If it was in production, this is something I would buy and use among my friends. It's kind of interesting that this hasn't been created yet in the first place.

    In terms of improvement and functionality, I know that your LED progress bar stopped working last minute, but I believed that it was one of the core features of your product. Without it, why couldn't a person just use an app for GPS + compass + recorder? Also, I don't like how there's one button for everything, and that there's a certain order/process to use it (click to start, click to record, etc.). I feel like that severely limits user interaction. Maybe experiment with swinging the stick causes x,y, z, etc.

    Like I said though, really great project. Good job!

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