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Congnitive GSM Autonomous Water Meter

Congnitive GSM Autonomous Water Meter © CC BY-NC

A water meter that teaches itself your water consumption trends to manage itself and care for the environment.

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Components and supplies

Microchip Microduino Core+
any Arduino up from 644P like 1284 or 2560 will do.
Microchip Microduino GPRS
any other SIM800 Compatible GPRS module will do
Arduino Microduino Battery Manager
any other DC/DC up/down 5V boost Regulator/recharge for 7v 2A 1860 batteries will do
Arduino Microduino Motor
any other Full H-bridge 2A 5v 2 motor driver will do
Combined hall effect flow sensor and latching solenoid valve 3 - 30 L/min, ¾” BSP Inlet/Outlet 6V DC
Arduino DC generator micro hydro generator 10W Water flow generator
F50-4.2V: DC 4.2V charging output, generators with charging management chip, can give without charge management chip ordinary rechargeable lithium battery.
Plastic Battery Storage Case Box Holder Double For 2 x 18650 3 7V With Wire Leads

Necessary tools and machines

Apps and online services

About this project


Imagine you could administer remotely your water utility service in real time, turning on or off your water services according to your usage patterns or needs, and not just letting the water flow in all the time. You could prevent taps from leaking a single drop. Per one faucet per one home leaking wastes 34 gallons of water per year multiply that for 10,00 homes that 347,159 GALONS a YEAR and a running toilet? A "running" toilet can waste two gallons of water per minute. A silent leak in a toilet can waste up to 7,000 gallons of water per month!!! Now imagine if you could also derive water pattern usage in time, now imagine you could do the same for all the water meters in your neighborhood, in your block in your city... unfortunately although IoT enables us to do the administration part ITS humanly impossible for a person or group of persons to monitor and correlate all the data to make it meaningful. It would take an army of people to look at the data alone to make something out of it, this is where Machine Learning and AI come in handy, its this precise BIG data analysis what they do best.

The ubiquitous growth of data provides value in almost every domain of society and the water domain is not an exception. From preventing man‐made disasters like overflowing rivers containing toxic waste, to natural flooding, to raising public awareness in water conservation and minimizing the impacts of drought in arid regions. Finally, simply saving costs by improving the reliability of a city’s public water works has tremendous value. All of these goals are possible with the effective use of Big Data technologies. This Project attempts to provide an open source web platform and hardware tool set to show what big data can do, not only by a short analysis of Big Data in the water utilities, but also by illustrating the value of big data with real‐life examples across the world! This project seeks to automate Water management thorough AI machine learning in big data, for the automation of remote management of water utilities. so lets start connecting our water meters so AI can learn our usage patterns and manage our utilities in ways humans just couldn't do.



First Prototype version of assembled hardware


First look at Water backend service


Water meter Dashboard sevice: Location, ID,IMEI,date/time, Gauge, History




2G Automated Water Meter
General Project Repository

Custom parts and enclosures

2G Automated Water Meter
Used file is in Sketchup.
Sketchup Render
System Render
Enclosure Render
Enclosure render


Microduino components
Hardware related documentation


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