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Lego Stepperbot

Project tutorial by Fredrik Stridsman

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Stringent, the $15 Wall Plotter

Project tutorial by Fredrik Stridsman

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Petoi Nybble

Project showcase by Rongzhong Li (李荣仲)

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PENXZYL 3.0 :: Arduino Brush Plotter :: CNC

Project showcase by Guiye Perez Bongiovanni

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Crazy Engineer’s Drawing Robot Arduino GRBL CoreXY Drawbot

Project tutorial by Arnab Kumar Das

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  • Stringent, the $15 Wall Plotter 4 months ago

    Hmm, weird. I would try and do the plot with the steppers disconnected and see from serial prints if it completes then. I get the feeling that this is an electrical issue since the random fashion of it failing. There should be no randomness to how the program runs on the Arduino. (Sorry for late reply by the way, too little time for hobby projects :-) )

  • Stringent, the $15 Wall Plotter 5 months ago

    Hmm. The "???: 14601" printouts I guess are some additional codes sent by your remote when starting the plot, should not be a problem(tm).

    The initial parsing of the svg seems to have gone fine, finding all 821 segments. So, the file seems to read fine. At least the first time around. The weird thing is that it would stop as you say and return to the initial position. If it would think it was done with the plot it should have printed "Plot done". You could try to add a SER_PRINT("Rewind "); at line 356 of data.ino to see if it thinks that it is reaching the end of the file.

    Other questions/clues:
    - How are you starting the plot? I don't see any IR printouts other than the 14601 code that is not understood by the plotter.
    - Does it always stop in the same part of the plot?
    - Are you using an Arduino Uno or some other board?

  • Stringent, the $15 Wall Plotter 6 months ago

    Hej! I have no idea on top of mind. I would recommend running with serial debugging and try to figure out what is going on. It kind of sounds like the read from SD is failing and the plotter believing that it reached the end of the file. If power is good I would look to connections between the arduino and SD interface.

    Have you tried running from batteries as power? My experience is that most power supplies (at least those I own) are pretty horrible when it comes to providing stable DC under the unstable load of the plotter (very choppy load due to stepping). Maybe a nice big capacitor somewhere could save the day?

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