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DIY PC's Auto Sleep Mode Sensor

Project tutorial by Gadget Programmers

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  • DIY PC's Auto Sleep Mode Sensor over 1 year ago

    Thanks for a great project. It works really well. I extended it to use a distance sensor (ultrasonic and IR both work fine)

    I wanted to ask where is the code for the PC / Mac processing? The binaries look like compiled Java? If you could post the code/upload to GitHub along with the toolchain used that would be great.

    I want to use distance sensor rather than a PIR specifically to prevent the PC sleeping when I'm at my desk e.g. <50cm from the sensor. I've got the Arduino code working but would like to process the distance on the PC and enable/disable idle timeout/sleep.

    Using your PC / Mac Processing code would a good starting place. I have the setup working I just output a 1 or 0 for over 50cm but would prefer to have the code.

    I already have the PC turning on using an EPS32 detecting the MAC address of my fitness-band (Bluetooth) and turning peripheral (desk lamp, amplifier) off when the PC turns off using 433mHz sockets, ESP8266, node-red

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