IA Monitoring Earthquake Structures

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  • Intelligent Biomedical Monitor with MAX32620FTHR about 2 months ago

    I almost forgot, the database is a little complex, I'm working with my colleagues in U medicine to be able to have a base with all the diseases and symptoms, so that our portotype delivers accurate information.

  • Intelligent Biomedical Monitor with MAX32620FTHR about 2 months ago

    Guillermo thank you for your interest.
    First question: If I used App Inventor. That platform created by MIT does not handle code, it works by blocks. I have not published it because we are in tests with it.

    Second question: I'm working with Google Cloud for IoT, so it allows me to use maps API for geolocation. The configuration will be uploaded when the contest ends, we will not be able to edit the project until then.

    Third question: the code will also upload it finalized the contest, we are just finishing it as it is in improvements, to provide the best performance.

    Fourth question: Regarding the final video of the prototype, of course we will upload a video with the explanation and step by step operation of our system (the biomedical data collection by the bracelet, the data visualization in the app, the way in which the database determines diseases and symptoms, the way a doctor receives our data.
    However yesterday I uploaded a video of my bracelet in operation. There was running without battery, our energy funete is a peltier cell that absorbs the heat of our body and converts it into electric current and thanks to a thief of joules it increases its power and feeds the maxim integrated plate.

    Do not worry, as I said, I sent you a copy of the files and drafts that resolve your doubts to the juries and members of Hackster.

    Oh and I almost forgot it! You have great projects. Greetings.

  • Intelligent Biomedical Monitor with MAX32620FTHR about 2 months ago

    Hello! I just sent a copy of the files under study where I document the development of the app, the structuring and configuration of the IoT database and the geolocation, as well as videos.

    Soon I will publish this information with everyone, we are still in tests and sketches, because we want to give you true and correct information.
    Greetings and do not miss the update in the next few days.

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