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Blinds (Or Any AC Power Motor) Control

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How to Make an Ultrasonic Levitator Using Arduino

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Guide to Modular Firmware

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KY-016 Straight Onto UNO

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  • Blinds (Or Any AC Power Motor) Control over 1 year ago

    Hahaha, very funny video! I have never seen activating a relay like that, lol. I don't actually understand why the relays remain activated, a glitch might be, but they should return to the state that the microcontroller is commanding through the I/O pin... That's very strange.
    I see that you are controlling both lines of the motor with different relays, and that can make that in case of a stuck relay or whatever failure both are active simultaneously. That is not a good idea and it's even dangerous, motor might overheat. Why not to use one for controlling the direction and another for controlling the power as in my tutorial? You don't need any extra hardware, it's about the connections only. I strongly recommend you to do so.

  • Blinds (Or Any AC Power Motor) Control over 1 year ago

    I use SSR for protecting the relays and a snubber network for the interference problems and also for protecting the commutation device since the voltage peaks are reduced considerably with it. I would recommend to use the SSR anyway, because it is more reliable, don't suffer the effect of contact stuck and if you open the circuit while still operating, it will do it around 0 V.
    If you have problems with other devices make sure that:
    Your power supply is immune to them.
    Make sure the pinout in the Arduino is polarised
    Avoid cables from the Arduino in parallel with the lines of the noise source.
    Avoid long cables connected to the Arduino.
    Try to minimise the noise source if possible, maybe you can ground a metal case around it, or improve its power supply.

  • Blinds (Or Any AC Power Motor) Control over 1 year ago

    Clear then, you have exactly the same problem as I had, and the solution is therefore the same: you need the Snubber network and the SSRs. That's why I made the tutorial. Problem solved!!! 😁

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