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BLElectric Light 101

Project tutorial by Greg V

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Arduino 101 - Intel Curie Pattern Matching Dress

Project tutorial by Kitty Yeung

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Fun Cases for Electronic Components

Project in progress by team

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  • Arduino 101 - Intel Curie Pattern Matching Dress 3 days ago

    I predict this project will have great impact and inspire many others!

  • Hackster Live April 2017 Workshop - Optional - Easy Add-on 3 days ago


    I am sorry to hear there were so many problems with my project. I agree that the implementation limitations of web bluetooth is a major drawback. Perhaps one day it will be universal as it is a great idea. Recently I have moved to using my Intel Edison as BLE central & gateway for the Arduino 101 using noble.js, and you have shown another great method with Blynk.

    I actually find the fact that annyang pretty much hears and transcribes what everyone is saying as pretty fascinating, maybe even a little bit scary, but I can see how it would cause trouble in a group/hackathon setting.

    Great projects and thanks for giving mine a shot!


  • IMU to You! about 1 month ago


    For some reason I can't see the comments for the project anymore. Maybe my browser . . . anyway so I'll answer you here and then if I can figure out what is wrong, I'll post to the project.

    This is one place where books might be better than an internet search. I highly recommend:

    Make: Bluetooth by Allan, Coleman and Mistry
    Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy by Townsend, Cufi, Akiba and Davidson

    At the last DC Maker Faire I had a chance to ask a similar question to one of the authors of the Make book. His response was that for maker projects, the descriptor is not very important.

    I couldn't figure out the descriptor at first either. I believe you can think of it as providing more information on the characteristic it describes. So it could help another device or program reading from your ble device understand how to handle a characteristic. It contains metadata. For a commercial BLE product or one that advertises a standard service I think it might be required to be certified as following the BLE standard.

    I have never specifically used a descriptor, but I often include it just in case. . .bad approach right. . .I apologize.


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