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Make an Autonomous "Follow Me" Cooler

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  • Make an Autonomous "Follow Me" Cooler 6 months ago


  • Make an Autonomous "Follow Me" Cooler 7 months ago

    Is it moving at all? There are quite a few things that could be going wrong like the motors not hooked up to power, gps doesn't have satellite lock, etc. You can see logs by opening the serial monitor on 4800 baud. It might be useful to start there.

    To use the waypoint mode, we disabled GPS streaming module in Blynk. You can enter coordinates in the terminal (separate lat/lon with a comma and separate coordinates with a colon). If possible, I would get that working first because it is more reliable than coordinate streaming. Thanks for letting me know about the error.

  • Make an Autonomous "Follow Me" Cooler 7 months ago

    Around $200

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