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POV Cylinder with Arduino Due

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  • POV Cylinder with Arduino Due 6 months ago

    The RPI is not necessary!

    It is only useful when recording a video. With the motor control running on the RPI you can adjust the rotation speed of the cylinder to the frame rate of the video camera.

    I used the RPI as video camera and used it also for motor control.

  • POV Cylinder with Arduino Due 6 months ago

    I never noticed any issues. The LED supply voltage can be adjusted with the trimmer resistor R2 (see schematic) to 4.5V. With 4.5V LED supply the 3.3V Arduino high level is sufficient (3.3V > 70%*4.5V).

  • POV Cylinder with Arduino Due 7 months ago

    I think this error indicates that there is no connection to the HC-06 bluetooth module. Check that the serial device used in pccp (see line 520: TTY bt("/dev/ttyS6"); ) corresponds to the PC COM port which is connected to the HC06 module.

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