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POV Cylinder with Arduino Due

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  • POV Cylinder with Arduino Due 17 days ago

    I think this error indicates that there is no connection to the HC-06 bluetooth module. Check that the serial device used in pccp (see line 520: TTY bt("/dev/ttyS6"); ) corresponds to the PC COM port which is connected to the HC06 module.

  • POV Cylinder with Arduino Due 3 months ago

    1 - You need to modify the code! The WS2821B requires a special timing on the data line.

    2 - The reason is the following behavior of the LED strip:
    "The LPD8806 does not perform an in-unison latch (which would display the
    newly-transmitted data all at once). Rather, each individual byte (even
    the separate G, R, B components of each LED) is latched AS IT ARRIVES...
    or more accurately, as the first bit of the subsequent byte arrives and
    is passed through. So the strip actually refreshes at the speed the data
    is issued, not instantaneously (this can be observed by greatly reducing
    the data rate). "
    I am using the 3 interface in parallel, to minimize the
    time difference between LED changes.

    3 - TEST_RED AND TEST_BLUE were test outputs for measurements with an
    oscilloscope. They are not used in the actual code.

  • POV Cylinder with Arduino Due 5 months ago

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