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Arduino Audio Reactive Desk Light

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  • Arduino Audio Reactive Desk Light over 1 year ago

    i had the problem that the sound module doesn't pick up the noise from a certain distance. it due to the sensor itself. After swapping with multiple sensor, it works almost perfect and all i did just adjusting the sensitivity.

    p.s : at the beginning, the sensor will detect and play the LED strip if i blow and breath directly to the sensor. Really pain in the ass but somehow it works. Good Luck >.<

  • Arduino Audio Reactive Desk Light over 1 year ago

    #define MIC_LOW 440.0
    #define MIC_HIGH 737.0

    if (songmode == HIGH) {
    fade_scale = 3;
    Color.r = 5;
    Color.g = -1;
    Color.b = -1;
    else if (songmode == NORMAL) {
    fade_scale = 2;
    Color.r = 1;
    Color.b = 2;
    Color.g = -1;

    this the only part in the original codes that i adjust. Mine doesn't work perfectly at 1st try. After adjusting the sound sensor sensitivity on the boards and swap with the better and bigger size of mic, it turns out perfectly sycn with the surrounding sound. Hope this will help you.

  • Arduino Audio Reactive Desk Light over 1 year ago

    Hey, you can check this link

    He explain the codes in detail, but mostly i just play around with the #define NUM_LEDS , the line 188 until 198.

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