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Convert CB Transceiver to 50MHz

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  • Convert CB Transceiver to 50MHz almost 2 years ago

    Hi , i have also made a program for the major M588 . It is easier than the 50MHz version.
    The PLL is set to 190 because the VCO still runs at about 19MHz.
    It is impossible to change the frequency of the VCO and also not needed. It is also not needed to change the VCO frequency when switching TX and RX.
    What is needed to change is the VCO frequency from 10.0525MHz to 100.000MHz.
    A 100 MHz crystal is a standard frequency and can be obtained on ebay ar so.
    You can find the description of how to convert the Major in detail on my homepage.

  • Convert CB Transceiver to 50MHz about 2 years ago

    Yes , thanks , and now it also works on 70MHz. This makes life easier when working in SSB. The frequency can be tuned in 10Hz steps.

  • Convert CB Transceiver to 50MHz about 2 years ago

    I have added the diagram of this PCB. The PCB was originally made to replace a TA7310 IC in another project. The TA7310 could not convert to 70MHz. Now i have used the same PCB for 50MHz. It has a balanced mixer in the form of a NE602 which suppresses the VCO better (40dB) than the original dual gate mosfet. The filter which comes behind it can be more relaxed to achieve the required 60dB suppression.

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