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  • Smart Apps for Smart Home 6 months ago

    This app works only for android phones.

  • The Robot Who Didn't Know He is Alive! 7 months ago

    Hi urlonz14, I'm sorry if you were misled by the lithium battery. I used the pic just to represent a battery and nothing more. The specs is out of the picture. However if you plan to run a set of servos you need a separate power supply and a corresponding shield. And of course, another battery as well for the arduino board.

    The spider in the video was made of an office rubber stamp as its body, folder fasteners for its legs, some rubber bands to hold everything, and a spring of a notebook stuffed on its mouth. For the battery I usually used a usb charger that comes with a flashlight.

  • The Making of a Conscious Robot 7 months ago

    Hi Had848, sophia might be aware of her environment but I still doubt if she knows that she is personally aware. This is like saying thermal sensor only senses heat but it doesn't experience that it senses heat.

  • The Making of a Conscious Robot 8 months ago

    Hi Dan, well for this robot, it simply moves back and forth. But, its movements are controlled by a simple sketch. However, you can make the spider moves in various directions if you wish. If you have time and resources you can modify the drivetrain by adding a chain and divide the spider on its center for pivot or swivel. You can also use two or more motors and modify its linkages to suit the needs of your design and constructions. Try to check Youtube for ideas as well, keywords like legos, EV3 and insects may help. Thanks.

  • The Making of a Conscious Robot 8 months ago

    Hi there fsosorio! thank you for your input. But there is nothing wrong with the post. Why?
    (1) The title of the post means it is an ongoing project. This post is just phase one of my main project on associative consciousness.
    (2) No one on earth ever knows what consciousness is. My definition of consciousness here is based on my works on Information Materialization. Take note that there are living things that are alive but are not conscious. There are living things that have brains, but are not conscious as well. Remember them when you are working with robots. If you want to go deeper into this subject, try to study everything about jellyfish, corals, and even sleep walking.
    (3) It is your belief system that forces you to believe that there is such thing as consciousness. We can try this assertion! I assumed that you know best that there is no such thing as a Software. It does not even exist. But of course, you think it exists because you use the language Sketch as an example in your arduino projects. Now, if you don't understand this dilemma, what more will you ever understand consciousness.
    (4) But I can help you understand better what consciousness is, being alive, living, and what Life is. I have an article about What it takes for something to be considered alive or with life. This might be a good starter.
    (5) And, if you are good in Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy, then I assume that you understand also better that our Reality is nothing but an Illusion. But if you don't, I am willing to tell you why - mathematically, scientifically and philosophically :)
    Thank you for dropping by !

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