The desktop software-hardware solution for complex monitoring and analyzing of rotating mechanisms at production.

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Vibrodiagnostic system Indeema ReDS is a unique system for control of technical state of mechanism’s rotary units on the basis of detail analysis of vibration signals. Monitoring the state of machinery units Indeema ReDS allows one to detect degradation of their state and necessity of their repair timely. It decreases number of unplanned stoppages up to 75%. This system mounts stationary on the rotary units of mechanisms and allows monitoring of their state continuously.. Indeema ReDS is intended for:

  • detection of critical state of rotary units timely
  • effective planning and organization of repair
  • analysis of the most frequent failures
  • obtaining of the information map of mechanism states

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Desktop app view
This how app look on production
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Trend view
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iReDS on production
Schematic view of how iReDS works
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