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SMART SCHOOL SYSTEM.  IoE unit REMIC, intellectual-control.

SMART SCHOOL SYSTEM. IoE unit REMIC, intellectual-control. © GPL3+

School System of innovative services. And Radio Electronic Multifunctional Intellectual Controller REMIC for classrooms, Cypress-based.

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Components and supplies

Psoc 20analog 20coprocessor 20pioneer 20kit 20web
Cypress PSoC Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Kit
The Unit is the main part of REMIC-controller for the functions of classroom online measurements (temperature, humidity, access control, library book movement around the classrooms, etc...)
B5T HVC Face Detection Sensor Module (Omron)
The Unit is the part of REMIC-controller for the pupil-face recognition (and emotions) and for the real-time connection within the School Electronic Journal (attendance or not at the lesson)
Pi 3 02
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
The Unit is the part of REMIC-controller as the bridge between Classroom and The School Host, for instance - for the Internet School Radio, School Music Base with the program-Robo-Bot for the songs transmission in random order during the rest-periods between lessons, some other functionalities...
Ph a000066 iso (1) ztbmubhmho
Arduino UNO
The Unit is the part of REMIC-controller for control functionality in classroom and for contactless vision of classroom parameters during off-stuff hours, some other functions...

Apps and online services

About this project

With the best regards from Russia (Yekaterinburg-City, Ural Mountains) ...

Here ( ) - is the Project Brief with the pictures in Russian. In English, as i can (sorry for the language) - will be below...

I think (we are at the Great Begin of our the Great Way of life and The Project :) ) - we can not win this contest now (may be i am not right :)), because of:

- we have not finished yet (we have begun so late and the Project is huge, really);

- we have no (as the Command)) the previous experience to make the Huge Project together (school-kids and me).


We have some good ideas for Smart School System (as we have decided to Name our System), today (from the October of 2016th) we have the Structure of all Project, command system for protocols, understanding for all needed components and what we have to design and to develop. And we are working hardly for the first real element of System - REMIC - intellectual controller for any classrooms - as we see - Cypress Analog Coprocessor is the best choice for.

And the main - we are looking to the future for our School, and will make some very interesting innovative-creative products for school and education...

When we had looking for the best base for our idea of REMIC - i have seen here the info about Cypress Analog Coprocessor - and we have understood - it is the best one...

On this occasion - now and below - simple some words about the project :)...

"Not for the Prize :). Just for the True :) and One could Know :) ..."

And i promise to write here about all steps and the developed units with the detailed schematics, diagrams, nice photo-video, code etc... One can see how we can "explain" and introduce our ideas and projects, for instance, if you see 2 video (just 7-8 minutes for every one) about our two minds... With the English sound - are both on Hackster.IO in my projects, the original Russian-versions are here

and here


If you will be interesting for our cool project for Smart School System and REMIC-controller progress - here you can see now and will see more detailed during some months are going...

We are studying, discussing, thinking, doing... And again - studying...doing,,, The main idea - from Idea to Product. For my deep opinion confirmed my family and prof life - only the real engineering and development working "to be the result" can make from pupil now - the real coutry-future-Man in next his/her years... Especially, in Command with other pupils and Teachers ("Senior Design Engineers in special area"...).

As the Nature and the Life - unlimited process... :)...


Who we are?

I was the engineer-developper for hard- and soft systems for experimental physics (15 years), and then was the co-founder and CEO of Education Center for IT, InternetTelecom-company and Intelligent Devices Company (16 years).

Then i decided to finish with the business and bring my professional and father experience (i have three sons - 28, 20 and 16th years old) - bring at School and try to make the positive real way for the future of engineering-ARTS-oriented kids - they are real future of Country. Not the oil and gas :)...

Now i am 50th year man and from last two years i have decided to create the Real Engineering methodology in Real School education, from 5 to 11 classes.

For that way i became the teacher of Informatics and of Physics in one of the school in Yekaterinburg (my native city) and began to make some projects with the kids as the real engineering team. I need the experience in school-job from "the zero-field" :), the teacher level and up some later.

For the publishing of our ideas i have the Bank of Ideas at http://Инженерная-Школа.РФ (Engineering-School.RF) - now it is the prototype, during the year it will be powerful and with concurrent services (robots, bots, database, interactive etc - for all really interesting in developing of the engineer-oriented education in schools in Russia. As it seems to me :)... Will see...

Kids started to make their own http://www.iTea.School (i have named our Motion - Information Technology and Engineering Arts School - iTea.School).

Below - some working groups - "designers", "electronic engineers", programmers, mechanics...

School Design-Development Bureau...

Some other photos are at the cloud-resource

What the idea of Smart School System?


At school must be the Intranet Ethernet switched network (with Wi-Fi, LTE, BLE segments where are needed).


At any cabinet (classroom) must be the Controller (REMIC - Radio Electronic Multifunctional Intellectual Controller). By the way :) - by chance - i have the dog REMic :)... (at the picture below).

One logical part of REMIC connected with some of detectors in classroom, the second logical part - with the Intranet school system.

Some of REMIC-detectors parameters are shown in classroom at the REMIC-Tablo.

All of the REMIC parameters and commands transfer to the School Host via Intranet and some of them - further to the Internet servers (may be some decisions) for the authorized access - for instance - School Administrators and/or Parants can see via Internet at the school Web-server at special part "Smart School" - 3D-model of School and choose one of classroom and see onLine in this Cabinet - temperature, humidity, noise level, illumination, number of pupils in classroom (for these purposes the Cypress Analog Coprocessor is the best as i see), may be pupils faces, biometric access to labs... This services-parameters list is limited by "imagine of the people", just only... Via REMIC pupils in classroom can hear music from school music data-base or school Internet-radio translation...


Some services we are planning to develop during the Project.

3.1. REMIC - cabinet controller (doing now, will be the First real part of all the Project).

It is based on Cypress Analog Coprocessor (as the best on market decision with integrated detectors and some extra possibilities).

And one (different models will be with some different general functionalities) of the units on board of REMIC - Arduino UNO, Genuino UNO, Raspberry Pi 3.

REMIC will gather environmental (temperature in class and outside, humidity, synchronized school-watchs, gas-level, light-level, etc.) and class-related information (number of pupils in cabinet in real time, number of library books in class now and their identity, standby-off-Guard or on-Guard phase-state for cabinet, noise-level, etc.) - and transfer the Information to the School Host in DataBase for the further analyzing and using on functional-different Internet-oriented front-end Applications.

3.2. Face and Emotion Recognition service (will be integrated into REMIC).

This service are doing now in parallel with the developing of REMIC base functionalities.

It is based on the Omron unit, the picture is below.

This service will allow to be integrated with School Electronic Journal (via API) and write the detailed information about face-personilized presence/absence of every pupil at lesson in automatic mode.

Also in classrooms with the safety engineering before lessons - for instance - lessons of Technology, Chemistry, Informatics-Physics (and others with danger in potential, electric shock, working with machine tools) - this Service will allow to organize the personalized access of pupils to the equipment and to the lab-experiments.

3.3. Book Guard Library System (based on RFID, may be integrated with REMIC).

We are developing the service in school - every library book will have the RFID-label. When the books are going out of library in the begin of School Year to the kids - every book "personalized" (to whom from pupils it was given - Name-Surname, class,,,).

At the School Entrance we shall install the "our-made" RFI-Detect-Device (we are studying and doing the experiments for use Cypress Analog Coprocessor on-board possibilities for that).

Pupils "cross" every day this "School Line", the information about "books in their bags" will be gathered and transfered to tha Host Data Base.

Then the Application will can "sound the alarm" :), if some Book do not across the School Line some days (for instance) - may be pupil is not in school some days, may be he do not bring the book in school, may be he lost the book.

Of course, this Service will be very useful for library books calculation...

3.4. School Music DATA-Center service.

At School Host we are developing the service, which will need the REMIC possibilities to transfer the sound (sub-system of school Internet radio-station...

All pupils and teachers of school have the ability via school Host upload 10 songs per person to the school Music Data-Center.

During the rest time between lessons the special program Ro-Bot will choose the songs from this school archive (special emotion music archive of lovely songs especially for the pupils in that school, created by pupils themselves by uploading their lovely songs) and in random order transfer one by one into the School Intranet Back Bone, and REMICs (each in every cabinet/classroom) will play the songs...

Of course, the Speaker-Loud ability of REMICs can be used for transfering the important information from School Administration around the classrooms.

3.5. Online Lessons Timetable (shown in REMIC-tablo and sending by sms/e-mail).

Now we are thinking about include in REMIC architecture small LC-display.

The Application on School Host can transfer the changes in School Lesson Timetable via Intranet Back Bone to the REMICs Tablo to inform the pupils in classrooms.

Also pupils and teachers (may be parents) could "subscribe" to this Service and in automative mode receive the info about Timetable Change by e-mail and/or by sms.

3.6. Night School Guard Sub-System.

Including in REMIC architecture web-cam open the way to develop the real Guard System.

When all of pupils and teachers left the classroom, REMIC (by web-cam included) "remember" the static picture of internal situation and "scene" in cabinet and it recognize the change of this static picture (new object, movements) - there will be alarm signal, which can be transfered via School Intranet to the Guard office. For instance.

3.7. - 3.Nnnnn :)...


4. Improve your Vision with us :)...

We have some extra useful ideas (some of them are really cool) for developing and implementing in real School Life.

Some of them are already at our Bank of Ideas (see the URL above), some of them are in mind-thinking and design.

But - the main...

Ideas have no limits. Limits are just in mind. So, the main idea - to break the mind-limits of kids from school period and they will be the Real Creative Engineers.

On this occasion, as i see - some good ideas and products for the Smart School System and for REMIC will be soon...

See you later here.

With the best regards,

Alexey Batin.

Special and Great Thanks to my one of the best young colleagues - to Artyom Filatov - regards to him for the very clear and simple-to-understand pictures for this post (26.02.2017).


Let's your mind and purposes will be so clear, high and clean as these nice clear, high and clean Mountains...

Custom parts and enclosures

General Structure for Smart School System
Idea for logical border between Internal (Intranet) School Services and general purpose Internet services.
Ntr3 en p20mxgaiqn
The infrastructure networking base of Smart School System and Cabinet-elements
School have to make the networking in right way...
Ntr4 en 8asj6g1s10
REMIC (cabinet-controller) structure (in brief)
Idea - to have at any classroom REMIC-controller with the connection in the Class with some detectors (temperature and etc) and in School Intranet...
Ntr6 en v08nf4dc7t
Brief view for REMIC (with handmade frame-boxes of organic material)
12 color frames around the functional table and electronics modules - are for the picture (10x15) cm of Great Men (in physics class REMIC - with the great physic scientists, in sport hall - with the Great Sportsmen, etc...)
Dsc05525 if7zb7paww


Team iTea.School

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Additional contributors

  • Denis Minikaev
  • Nazir Usupov
  • Andrey Shivrin
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  • Temirbek Taipbay
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Published on

February 16, 2017

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