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  • Mystick about 5 years ago

    This is an awesome project! It reminds me of a more personal version of geocaching. It would be really cool to see these in national parks or just on trails everywhere and allow people to have a crowd-curated hike. I like the lights to signal directions, and using it would definitely make me feel like Gandalf. There are also obvious dangers to it too, as a user could be led to a dangerous location, but as long as the user uses common sense I think it's a really cool way to re-invent the hiking experience!

  • Sole Searching about 5 years ago

    I loved the video of this project! The music really set the mood of the project. The concept is very much like the Mac feature of being able to see other Macs in the area when you are within range of each other, but with Sole Searching it widens the community even more, which I think is great. It also touches upon the idea of familiar strangers, and I wonder if this will create more social interactions, either in person or on the web, as I can imagine someone might go home and Google a name that popped up on their shoe or try to find him/her on Facebook. Awesome work!

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