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An Urban Plant Watering Solution

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  • An Urban Plant Watering Solution 4 months ago

    In theory, this project would be able to work on a larger scale; the diagram in this project shows a single unit implementation, though, so in order to allow this kind of a system to work with larger plantations, a method of routing the water (perhaps gravity-based branch-out flow) or duplication of watering units may be required. Also note that adding additional servos will consume more power and that there is a maximum number of servos supported by the operational library under this setup. For larger settings, a larger reservoir of water may or may not also be necessary (depends on your needs and the setup).

  • An Urban Plant Watering Solution 7 months ago

    These were just sensors that I was able to acquire on-hand; obviously sensors like the one you mentioned would be much more favorable for a cheaper, longer-lasting solution.

  • An Urban Plant Watering Solution 9 months ago

    Perhaps a data array?

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