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An Urban Plant Watering Solution

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  • An Urban Plant Watering Solution about 2 months ago

    These were just sensors that I was able to acquire on-hand; obviously sensors like the one you mentioned would be much more favorable for a cheaper, longer-lasting solution.

  • An Urban Plant Watering Solution 4 months ago

    Perhaps a data array?

  • An Urban Plant Watering Solution 4 months ago

    To use an Arduino Uno, I suppose a few modifications are required:

    1. Every device should connect to 5V instead of 3.3V due to the internal logic being 5V.
    2. The Arduino Uno does not run on an RTOS and does not have BLE functionality, which would mean timekeeping is a problem. However, there exists another library, the Time library, that allows you to set the time using an external RTC or WiFi, if you have a shield. (You could also try to make a serial bridge with an ESP8266, but as the Uno has only one serial port and it's used for USB communications, this may be a problem. But you could try SoftwareSerial.)
    3. The Arduino Uno also doesn't have a built-in PME. There are two ways to overcome this step. Either: a. Use an Artificial Neural Network library compatible with the Uno. There is no guarantee that they will provide the same functionality (although it most likely will) as the CuriePME. The syntax will also be different. b. Use an alternative algorithm in the code. Such an algorithm would replicate the functions of the existing PME classification, but would require reworking of existing code.

    All the steps above require changing portions of the given code. Let me know if you need help implementing them if you choose to do so.

    -James Yu

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