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Rolling Material Monitoring

Project tutorial by Jan Cumps

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The Distanced Pawn

Project tutorial by Enrico Miglino

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IOT2020-Based Industrial Boiler Controller

Project showcase by Inderpreet Singh

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Project in progress by Craig Hissett

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  • Rolling Material Monitoring over 2 years ago

    I am not a student since 30 years :) - University challenges aren't applicable.

  • Rolling Material Monitoring over 3 years ago

    Now seems to be an appropriate time to thank a few supporters:

    Frederick Vandenbosch has made the bezel for the LCD display. He designed, 3d-printed and mailed it to me. A perfect fit.

    Siemens forum members have continuously helped me with questions I had along the way.
    I am not an expert on this platform (in my case: linux development and image building). The forum casuals were very patient and polite. And they worked with me to step up.

    Dave Vandenbout for building excellent examples and tutorials for FPGA development. I've learned a lot from expanding on the XuLA sources. And support when I was stuck in my VHDL designs.

    Inderpreet Sing for keeping me sharp. I started the project with the statement "I will not build a linux image". Soft push from Inderpreet was needed to get me over to the dark side.
    Also thank you for solving my issues to get sqlite and python to cooperate.

    Anthony at Sigfox. I may have pushed you a lot. I hope this paid off for both parties. Thanks for being patient.

    Peter and the sponsors for organising a contest that is industry focused. It takes guts to launch an IoT challenge that addresses real world questions. I hope that you convinced a few readers of the projects that IoT has a major role in industry automation.

    You and All Readers: thank you for looking at this project. Get Inspired!

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