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Sigfox-Enabled Parking Lot

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Sigfox kWh Meter

Project tutorial by jassak

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  • Sigfox kWh Meter over 1 year ago

    Each power meter is sealed. The distribution service will act in case the seal is damaged. So there is no reason for this device making any troubles or headaches to DS, since it is outside of the meter and does not interfere with it, like i said in my prev comment.

  • Sigfox kWh Meter over 1 year ago

    Listen fellow, this device does not interfere to power meter itself, it is just a simple attachment. So you are definitely not breaking anything. And this project is for people who are still using these old kwh meters (Actually plenty are still in service). So it does not bother me that you are no longer using these kind of power meters. Cheers.

  • Sigfox kWh Meter over 1 year ago

    CNY70 has IR emitter, so you definitely do not need any external light source, phototransistor will check for reflected IR light from sensor.

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