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  • Sole Searching about 5 years ago

    I enjoyed the concept behind this project a lot especially the idea of showing how not private your data really is. Nevertheless, I did not like the use of the display unless it could be done in a larger more readable format which I do not think would work well on a shoe. One change would be to maybe use lights instead of text in order to display information about the changing invisible space around you. The lights could show wifi signals/strength or maybe relate to the different paths people walk through (maybe even allowing you to follow someones path. The idea is very interesting and I enjoyed a lot envisioning how a crowd of people wearing different kinds of shoes like this could interact and the different realities it throws in our faces. Nice job guys!

  • SketchBoard about 5 years ago

    This project was pretty awesome. I loved the idea of having my experience create custom art in the form of my motion through time on my board. One improvement I could see this project doing is maybe using a dongle that gets attached to the skateboard to measure and then that dongle can communicate to an XY table that then draws on any paper that can be attached to the board. Or maybe the drawing can happen after the fact. Like the drawing is a culmination of your riding style over many different sessions. Another great addition would be adding a better drawing algorithm. maybe you can preset a pattern that you like and the algorithm tweaks that drawing accordingly based on your riding style. Overall amazing concept and great job getting it to work and having a great demo!

  • Mystick about 5 years ago

    I really liked this particular project the most because of its potential! When you all first demonstrated it I immediately thought about all the ways I could use it and the cool things you could leave behind for others to find. It is what makes this device and experience truly magical. My only complaint would be that I had wished that the compass directions had been implemented with the main lights instead of with lights at the top. I imagine the entire stick could pulse faster and faster the closer you get to the proper orientation until eventual becoming solid. Overall great project guys and I loved your presentation especially your interactions with people in your "park". Perfect.

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