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ATtiny85 Pulse Oximeter and Photoplethysmograph

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Never Ride Alone

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  • ATtiny85 Pulse Oximeter and Photoplethysmograph 3 months ago

    As I mention in the write up, if your dicrotic notch is particularly pronounced - as it is in young people - it can confuse the peak detector and you can get a pulse rate which is double what it should be. Make sure you are getting a clean waveform displayed - warm fingers help. Look at the filtered. IR waveform to see if you are getting a false peak. You could increase the strength of the second stage filter which should help.

  • ATtiny85 Pulse Oximeter and Photoplethysmograph 8 months ago

    Yes, should work with no problems.

  • ATtiny85 Pulse Oximeter and Photoplethysmograph 12 months ago

    Ok, I got the Digispark stuff to run - it was a 64-bit Catalina issue. However, the Digispark stuff is missing so much both standard Arduino and Attiny85 definitions that it is hopeless trying to compile either the tiny or the nano version. I suggest that you compile the tiny version with AttinyCore and see if you can load it on to your Digispark. BTW. You can delete all the lines that mention EEPROM and program will run fine. It will simply be in the default settings each time you power up or reset.

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