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In times of Coronavirus, Dental clinics must have the best tools to protect. DesVapourFect helps dentists to desinfect their patients easily

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Components and supplies

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Arduino Nano 33 IoT
Sg90 servo motor 180 degrees sg90 micro
SG90 Micro-servo motor
51gzz5eu9pl. sx425
Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04 (Generic)
Water Pump
Vapour Machine
6600mA 5V 1A PowerBank

Apps and online services

About this project

Hello everyone, my name is Jesús Soriano and my mum is Dentist. She has got her own Dental clinic in Valencia, Spain. When COVID-19 let people to open again shops and services, my mum had to achieve lots of protocols and security measures. Don´t forget that dentists must work with people`s mouths so all has to be desinfected and clean.

The protocol that we organised started with wearing big plastic bags in the shoes and a plastic cap. Patients also had to desinfect their hands with hygiene gel. After that, the patients must be desinfected with Vapour and Chloride Hydrochloride, as you can see in the video:

Previous Jesús´mum Dental Clinic desinfection system

Complete video is here:

But with this system we lost a lot of time, and we need a special room for this procedure.

So I devised DesVapourFect (Desinfect with Vapour), a simple system that works with a water heater, an electric pump, an ultrasonic sensor and an Arduino 33 nano IoT. It is placed in the lobby, over the posible patient. When DesvapourFect detects a new patient, it turns on the heater and it starts spraying water vapour. You can see a demo in the next video:

First Spray Test

But we want to desinfect from COVID-19, and it is not a normal virus. Thats why we are using also HCl2 ( Chloride Hydrochloride ) to kill the bacteria that could have the patient`s clothes.

The ratio water - HCl2 that we use is 1L of H20 and 10mL of bleach, which has a 37% of HCl2 per liter, the exact amount recommended by the Spanish Government.

In the next video you can see the first prototype of DesVapourFect in more detail:

Detailed View of DesVapourFect

As you can see, DesVapourFect is very simple and easy to build. Here you can see all the components that we need:

In addition to this parts, we will also need a water preassured heater:

And a water pump to feed the heater:

Refering to the heater, in this case it came with a PCB, so you just had to turn on the heater (220V) and switch on. Thats why I decided to use a servo, because I didn´t want to mix the low voltage circuit with the other one.

In the next picture you can see how I am connecting the servo to the button. I am using Knex parts, but you can use what you want: Meccano parts, paperboard, wood, metal...

I also added a nozzle to spray better the mix. With knex it was all so easy to build.

Finally, I added the water tank and and ended the building proccces placing the arduino and the battery at the top.

And after that, I used 2 ladders to mount a simple stand:

And now, DesVapourFect is ready to work. When it detects a patient (using the ultrasonic sensor) it starts spraying the desinfection mixture during 30 seconds. The water tank has capacity to spray 20 pacients, that is the amount of people that we have in a normal day. After that, we just have to add more water mixed with HCl2 and thats all.

If we talk about viability, DesVapourFect is economically viable since the first moment. It has a cost of 100 $ approximately, and the maintenance is not expensive.

I think that this type of systems could be installed also in hospital lobbies, hotels and even in airport terminals. Because it is proven that COVID-19 can be also in our clothes, and it lasts 48-72 hours.

We can see other ideas nowadays, but they are expensive. They are not intendeed for underdeveloped countries, or to be produced in big quantities.

If we talk about improvements, we have to know that we are using an Arduino 33 IoT nano to control the spray procces. We can connect it to internet, and manage the clients we have per day.

We also have all the patient files, so we know his home location. If we have a COVID-19 case, we can track the origin with the Arduino log files, and improve and give more reasons to manage another confinement.

Here are two Sustainable Development Goals that we comply with DesPourFect. In one hand, we want to ensure healthy lives and protect all ages, from kids to old people. In the other hand, we also want to build big infrastructures in airports, hospitals, and try to desinfect all the users.

We want to add that, in addition to DesPourFect, in my mum´s clinic we take the temperature to all of our patients. In this video you can see the full procedure:

And that is all, I am living difficult moments now with my mum, because dentists are exposed to patients mouth, and even following all the procedure, we are not calm down.

But using DesVapourFect and Arduino, help us to be a little bit more relaxed. Thanks to all,

Jesús Soriano, DesVapourFect creator.


DesVapourFect CodeArduino
Simple Arduino ultra sonic and servo code
// DesVapourFect Code. By Jesús Soriano Adam

#include <Servo.h>  //Servo Library
Servo myservo;
int t;

void setup () 
  myservo.attach(12); //Servo PIN
  myservo.write(80);  //Specify how many degrees do you need for start
  pinMode(11, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(10, INPUT);     //Ultrasound Configuration
  digitalWrite(11, LOW);

void loop ()
  digitalWrite(11, HIGH);				//Ultrasound input
  delayMicroseconds(10);          //We send a 10 ms pulse
  digitalWrite(11, LOW);

  t = pulseIn(10, HIGH)/59;  // Cm conversion
  if (t<100)          //If we detect a patient
    myservo.write(130);  //We turn on the heater
    delay(30000);       //We wait for desinfection
    myservo.write(80);   //Turn off the heater

Custom parts and enclosures

DesVapourFect Knex Structure
Img 20200708 123208 qytlij6tjl


Arduino Diagram Connections
Servo and Ultrasonic Sensor
Servo ultrasonic thlaaxepa1
Proteus DesVapourFect Simulation


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