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Gesture Based Media Player Controller Using Arduino

Gesture Based Media Player Controller Using Arduino © Apache-2.0

Control your media player using simple hand gestures. No complex circuit. Works on all computers.

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About this project

This gesture based media controller or Arduino Volume Controller can be connected to any computer running any OS. You can connect it to PCs USB port and it will act as a HID or a human interface device. In this video, I will explain this sensor, HID using Arduino and the Code. Using this You can start, play or pause the song, go to the next song, play previous song, increase, reduce and mute volume.

Take a look at the demo video below.

Arduino Volume Controller Video

Arduino Volume Controller

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This is a hand gesture media controller. Using this gesture controller, you can control the media player using simple hand gestures. You can start, play or pause the song, go to the next song, play previous song, increase, reduce and mute volume. Let’s get started!

Learn Arduino the Easy Way

Are you new to Arduino? Do you want to improve your skills in Arduino programming? You are in the right place. We have a complete beginner-level tutorial for Arduino which covers everything from scratch.

In this free Arduino Tutorial for Beginners guide, we will be taking a look at Introduction to Arduino Platform, Getting Started with Arduino IDE, Different Types of Arduino Boards, Arduino

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PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor

PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor is a quick and easy way to add gesture control to your Arduino or Raspberry Pi Project. This tiny little sensor can recognize various hand gestures such as moving your hands up, down, left, right, forward, backward, clockwise, anti-clockwise and waving. It employs an in built proximity sensor which can sense approaching and departing objects.

In the previous Post, I explained everything about PAJ7620 gesture sensor, how to connect this sensor to Arduino and read hand gestures.

Arduino as HID

Some Arduino boards can act as HID (human interface device), as a keyboard or mouse and send keystroke through the USB like a real keyboard. When you connect the Arduino to the USB port of the PC, it will act as a keyboard and send keystrokes to it.

In this project, we will be sending media control keystrokes to the PC using an Arduino MKR1000. For that we will be using this NicoHood Library.

Components Needed

  • PAJ7620 gesture sensor
  • Arduino board that can act as a HID

As I mentioned earlier. this is a simple project, connections are pretty easy and you wont need more than 1 minute to set this up. You can use any arduino board that can act as HID like MKR1000, pro micro, Leonardo to name a few. I will provide complete list in the description. Let us start connecting them together.

Click Here for Circuits and Codes - Arduino Volume Controller


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