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Simple Gesture Controlled Robot Using Arduino © Apache-2.0

Awesome gesture controlled robot tutorial using Arduino and PAJ7620 sensor.

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Arduino Gesture Controlled Robot

Hey guys, welcome back. In this post, I am gonna show you how you can make this Gesture Controlled Robot using Arduino and PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor. I will explain what PAJ7620 Sensor is, detect various hand gestures and how to control this robot using this sensor. Let’s Get Started.

Video Demo & Tutorial

PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor

PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor is a quick and easy way to add gesture control to your Arduino or Raspberry Pi Project. This tiny little sensor can recognize various hand gestures such as moving your hands up, down, left, right, forward, backward, clockwise, anti-clockwise and waving.

HC12 Wireless Module

Here I will be using HC12 wireless module for sending data from the Sensor to the robot. It is one of the most commonly used wireless modules in the field of robotics and other remote control applications.

Learn Arduino the Easy Way

Are you new to Arduino? Do you want to improve your skills in Arduino programming? You are in the right place. We have a complete beginner-level tutorial for Arduino which covers everything from scratch.

In this free Arduino Tutorial for Beginners guide, we will be taking a look at Introduction to Arduino Platform, Getting Started with Arduino IDE, Different Types of Arduino Boards, Arduino

Making Arduino Gesture Controlled Robot

I hope you have seen my previous video on the remote controlled robot – The Robotin6.

Robotin 6 Demo

It is an Off Road 6 Wheel Drive Crawler which can be remotely controlled using an Arduino remote controller. Here also we will be using the same robot, only thing different here will be the code which we will upload to the robots Arduino. If You haven’t seen that yet, click the link above and watch it first.

Making the Gesture Controlled Robot

For ease, we will be dividing the Arduino Gesture Control Robot Tutorial into two parts – The Transmitter and The Receiver.

The Transmitter of the Gesture Controlled Robot consist of PAJ7620 Gesture sensor which senses the gesture, an Arduino that process the signal and a HC12 Wireless module that will transmit the signal to the Receiver

The Receiver part consist of a HC12 wireless module that receives the signal from the Transmitter module, an Arduino which will process the signal and drive our Arduino Gesture Controlled Robot.

Complete Codes and Schematics

You will find complete codes and connection details of the transmitter and receiver in my blog. Click here to check that out.


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