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Jrobot Self Drive Powered by TensorFlow Lite

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Jrobot Delivery

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Jrobot - Android and Arduino-Based Global Control Robot Car

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  • Jrobot Self Drive Powered by TensorFlow Lite 5 months ago

    For obstacle or collision avoidance, I think we need hardware before we can program them for the purpose. For Jrobot, I have 3 ultrasound sensors looking at different directions (the ones next to phone camera). They measure the free distance from the car, and override motor control if the distance is below a threshold. This is the lowest layer of control on Jrobot, and the safety layer. 

  • Jrobot Self Drive Powered by TensorFlow Lite 5 months ago

    It's about 3kg, plus phone and plus payload, 2 to 3 pizzas should be ok. The car body is not heavy, but battery, motors and wheels are, which I don't have much control. 

  • Jrobot Self Drive Powered by TensorFlow Lite 5 months ago

    Thanks for viewing, motors are from aliexpress (or ebay), 37mm gear box motor, there are many ouput speeds available, I picked 200rpm ones, they are very affordable, but maybe not the best efficiency, and they are a bit noisy too.  For motor driver, I use tb6612fng, from same place, again widely available and cheap, but not the best, works ok for Jrobot, but I suspect Jrobot can benefit from something that has a bit higher current rating. There are better drivers in places like Sparkfun. 
    hardware upgrade is more costly than software one. 

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