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Old Sole

Project tutorial by Team Old Sole

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Chatty Coasters

Project tutorial by Team Avocados unLtd.

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Physical Home Automation Interface

Project tutorial by Eric Tsai

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  • Jack about 5 years ago

    I really appreciate how you all chose to anthropomorphize the board—it really sets the vision for the product apart from many the other projects’. I’m especially focused on the physical form of the board. I think the chassis was really well-designed and flowed with the rest of the RipStik. Yet, I wonder how much more anthropomorphized you can get the form factor. I like how Jack is quirky and I’d like to see how the physical form could reflect his personality. Obviously prototyping a new board would not have been possible given the time and material constraints of the provocation.
    Though, if any of your team were to ever work on the project again in the future, I’d love to see new conceptions of the board.

  • Flip about 5 years ago

    This was my favorite project from provocation 2. I appreciate how you all chose the design scenario of children in the water. It’s a truism in design that the more specific a design decision is, the greater its appeal is likely to be, and I think this is very true for the project.

    That being said, I think the objective of the design could be more specific to complement your specific design scenario. At the top of the project, the objectives are: [helping] kids become competent swimmers and teaching kids about sea life. That’s really cool, but I think you could extend off of just showing kids a graph. What if a kid really likes sea stars after discovering what they are? I would want to know how to be a sea star again—how to clearly map an animal into swimming movements. Granted, that’d be work for a future date, and probably wasn’t feasible given the time allotted for the project.

    Lastly, kudos for showing an image of what you all imagine the product might look like. It emphasizes that the current product is a work in progress and that you all have a solid process down.

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