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Magnet Levitation with Arduino

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  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 15 days ago

    Hi Isolino!

    No, the materials I mentioned are for 4 electromagnets.
    I will make some blue prints and send to you.

    Please attention:
    I believe it will work.
    But I never did one.

    Kind regards Juan.

  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 17 days ago

    Hi Isolino.

    It is a differente project but is the same idea.
    Look at this toy in the youtube, I think it is what you wanna:

    To build a similar toy "I BELIEVE", you need, 4 strong electromagnets, 4 transistors, 2 linear hall effect sensors, 4 diodes 4007N, 4 resistors 1K ohm, 4 switchs, and an arduino, the permanent magnets in the base for bigger gap are optional.

    1 - Create 4 schemes for the electromagnets like the image above in my toy (ports D5, D6 and D10, D11).
    2 - Create 2 schemes for the linear hall effect sensors (ports A1 and A2) and the switches (ports D4, D7 and D8, D12) like the image above in my toy.
    3 - Mount the 4 eletromagnets aligned with the center, with a little gap 10mm between each other.
    4 - Mount the 2 linear hall effect sensors with 10mm to 15mm out of the center, 1 to the left or rigth and the other to the front or back.
    It will allow read the X and Y position for the permanent magnet.
    5 - Alter the code to read 2 linear hall effect sensors, control 4 electromagnets and alter the center values for X and Y with the 4 switches 2 for X value and 2 for Y value.
    6 - Turn all ON, hold the permanent magnet in the correct position and hard code the linear hall effect sensors values in the arduino code.
    7 - Use the switches for fine adjust.

    Obs: For this model all the electromagnets will be ON, just turn OFF the electromagnet opposite to the center value for X or Y.

    Try it and if you need more help, just let me know.
    Kind regards Juan.

  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 17 days ago

    Great job, nice work.

    Big electromagnet and big gap! ;-)


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