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Magnet Levitation with Arduino

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  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 11 days ago

    Hi Glitch.

    By the video you posted in the youtube I believe you already did.
    Just put a screw below in the permanent magnet.
    Remember, Heavy objects are more stable;
    You can use big and strong permanent magnets
    or more than one like in the project photo.
    To reduce the resonate, you can increase the distance between the electromagnet and the hall sensor too, just 1 or 2 millimeters are enough.
    Great work!

    Kind regards Juan.

  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 17 days ago

    Hi Jalfonsorobles!

    I believe the electromagnet is strong enough, the common distance is ~2cm, and 99% of the levitation is made by the permanent magnet, not by the eletromagnet.
    The electromagnet just avoid the fall.

    I see the data sheet for the hall effect sensor and looks good too.
    But please make sure you are using a linear hall effect sensor, not a hall effect switch, you can buy the 49E in the ebay, it cost just some cents, the kit with 10 is just $1.40:

    Some tips are:
    Use big and strong permanent magnets.
    Keep a good distance between the hall effect sensor and the electromagnet (5mm or MORE).

    Good news:
    I am testing a new code to reduce(eliminate) the electromagnet interference in the hall effect sensor.

    Kind regards Juan.

  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 20 days ago

    Hi Glitch.

    The vibration is Ok, is the hall sensor turnnig "On" and "Off" the electromagnet in the levitation point.
    But I believe the values 5 to 10 to anaVal are too small, my toy reads 200 to 270 in the levitation point with big permanent magnets.
    Try to use anoter 49E sensor(change it) or check the connections.

    Kind regards Juan.

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