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Magnet Levitation with Arduino

Project tutorial by jsirgado

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Arduino HID-Based CNC Pendant

Project tutorial by Erik de Ruiter

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Arduino Oscilloscope (6-Channel)

by Meeker6751

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Central Heating Boiler Control Box

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  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 7 months ago

    Hi Sultan.

    I do not find the frequency of work for the SS8050, you need a fast transistor.
    You can try a big, have and strong magnet, heavy objects are more stable and the strong electromagnetic field will help with the stability.
    The PID version is very hard, you need find the correct value(levitation point) with the non-PID version and then with the correct value, tune the PID version.
    If you still have problems after all, please just send your email to me and I will send you a "new TEST version" of the non-PID code, that I believe is more stable and can avoid resonance.

    Kind regards Juan.

  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 7 months ago

    I'm not sure, but I believe it will work, probably with a small gap.
    I don´t recommend small permanent magnets, heavy objects are more stable.
    And you can use the 5V power supply in the arduino too.

    The "black thing" is an aluminium "U" cooler, a m3 nut and a "mainboard fix" to help in cooling it.
    You can and I recommend, stick a cooler on it.

    kind regards Juan.

  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 7 months ago

    Hi greenlight123.

    I believe you can do it.
    But you will need a strong electromagnet.
    The same code can do it, just create an interval "for {}" changing the value of "levval" from start point(top) to end point(bottom).
    For this vesion of the toy it is less than 2mm, too far the permanent magnet will fall, too close it will stick in the electromagnet.

    There are others options like:
    1 - Remove the iron core from the electromagnet.
    2 - Control(alternate) the polarity of the electromagnet.
    3 - etc.
    But will be hard work.

    Kind regards Juan.

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