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Magnet Levitation with Arduino

Project tutorial by jsirgado

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  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino about 22 hours ago

    Yes... for sure!

    There are 2 versions of the firmware for Arduino:
    1 - Easy Levitation.
    Levitator.ino - Fixed value (Just change the value with the switchs).
    2 - Hard to do...
    Levitator_PID.ino - PID function (You need find the correct PID values for your toy, but you can adjust the seed with the switchs).
    Sorry if it is not clear in the project.

    kind regards Juan.

  • Magnet Levitation with Arduino 2 days ago

    Hi Paulo Freitas Nobrega!

    Sorry, the original project was made in the Fritzing last version, no external packages, but the image above was edited using PaintBrush, just to make it more clean and simple for begginers.

    Abraços! ;-)

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