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  • Dora over 6 years ago

    I really liked this project! I really liked how your group not only made Dora, but explored how Dora would interact with the world outside of Critical Making. The video nicely showed the different reactions that people had, and the idea of having people actually move Dora around from place to place in order to give and receive a gift is really sweet.

    I'm curious to see where Dora would end up if left outside for a couple weeks. Would she still be on campus? I'm also curious to see what would happen if this concept were implemented in a smaller scale, like a shoe box. With a smaller scale, people might be more willing to take Dora to farther places, or even travel with Dora.

  • Old Sole over 6 years ago

    I really liked how your group started the project off by focusing on groups that aren't commonly addressed with technology. While most technology focuses on making life more effortless and seamless, I like how this forces people to empathize with others who might experience life a little differently than they do. There's so much in life that we're too busy to see and it's nice to see a project really focus on emphasizing those parts.

  • Magoo over 6 years ago

    Hi Haley! Thanks for your feedback. We actually did quite a bit of research on existing GPS navigation methods for the blind, and talked about existing resources when we interviewed Lucy, from DSP. She told us about apps that both iPhone and Android users use, as well as commented on which ones she thought were most intuitive and helpful.

    In particular she liked Google Maps and Blindsquare for iOs and Google Maps and Nearby Explorer for Android.

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