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Low-cost Computer-Controlled Lightswitch

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Customizable Geiger Muller Counter

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  • Customizable Geiger Muller Counter 15 days ago

    Yes. For educational point for all, Sieverts are the SI unit used today for places/fields using the metric system (so outside US, in research). Roentgen (or Roentgen equivalent man) are used in the US outside of research. Conversion is: 1 rem = 0.01 Sievert. To put this conversion into the code I have written, replace this:

    float outputSieverts(float x) {
    float y = x * 0.0057;
    return y;

    with this:

    float outputSieverts(float x) {
    float y = x * 0.0057 * 100; //1 sievert = 100 rem
    return y;

  • Customizable Geiger Muller Counter 28 days ago

    This is the first project that I am publishing on Project Hub so if you have any ideas on how I can improve the presentation of this project, let me know and I can update it.

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