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Provocation 3: Urban Encounters

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Project tutorial by 5 developers

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  • Sole Searching about 5 years ago

    I loved this project as well. It really gets at questions of public and private space and encourages us ask questions about how technology potentially changes the way in which personal space is constructed. Does it expand, contract or even disappear as our devices reach out into the world to connect us to one another? I also think that the shoe is an effective place to display the names of these networks since much of our time is spent looking down at our phones: We might actually see our own name on another person's body in our peripheral vision as we use the device that is being perceived. It's a really interesting project and worth another iteration!

  • SketchBoard about 5 years ago

    I also agree with the comments above. It is a very well executed and well crafted project. I love the idea of building a drawing machine as a record of movement: translating 3-D space into 2-D. I do wonder, however, if it actually makes the most sense for the actual drawing machine to be on the board itself (that the mapping should be part of the longboard art). If you were to do another iteration it would be interesting to do a wireless version, were data collected get's translated into a separate drawing machine. That way there would be far fewer constraints in how you actually construct the machine as well as the potential to draw different types of actions that skateboards make. Great work!

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