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Wi-Fi Power Toggler

Project tutorial by Khalid Abdulla

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Control a Cockroach with Arduino for under $30

Project tutorial by bravoechonovember

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Arduino MKR1000 Getting Started

by Dr. Charif Mahmoudi

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  • Control a Cockroach with Arduino for under $30 about 5 years ago

    Nice write-up!

    I was wondering if you have tried uploading a script which toggles between stimulating the antenna which causes the cockroach to go clock-wise, and then stimulating the other antenna (say a few seconds of each).

    If you also turned on the on-board LED during the clock-wise stimulation you would be able to confirm that the cock-roach was turning in the direction specified by your commands (and not just turning in a circle due to after-effects of the 'surgery' or just randomly).

    Very cool project though. Do you have any plans for what to do with roaches now they are under your command? (

  • Wi-Fi Power Toggler about 5 years ago

    Thanks Damayanthi! Glad you like the project.

  • Arduino MKR1000 Getting Started about 5 years ago

    Charif, great getting started tutorial!

    I never received my access to the private forum, despite filling out the google form. I would never have finished my submission for the 'world's largest arduino maker challange' in time if is wasn't for this guide, so I've added you as (and this post) as an additional contributor (

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