1sheeld controls RC car

1sheeld controls RC car

Have an old toy car? want to control any RC car ?! i do it using 1sheeld , my smart phone and Arduino board.

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Components and supplies

About this project

Required components:

1- Android smartphone / tablet ( x1)

2- Arduino uno 

3- 1Sheeld 

4-Cheap RC car  (you can get it from a toy store)

5- Connectors male female 

6- H bridge or motor driver shield 

7- Male Dc Plug 

8- Screw

steps to control RC car with 1 shield 

step 1 : Prepare RC car

here you find the steps :

connect the double base with nails ,connect the wheels with motors then all to the base ,connect the rolled wheel to the base with nails.

Step 2: Connect H bridge

- Connect the motors terminal in H bridge where every motor take two output

- Connect the positive pole of the car battery to the H bridge where indicated on board (5V) and the negative pole to ground .

Step 3: Arduino,1Sheeld and H bridge

1-Connect 1Sheeld on top of your Arduino board.

2-Connect the H bridge with 1Sheeld

- Connect IN 1 in h bridge  to pin 6 in 1Sheeld.

- Connect IN 2 in h bridge to pin 11 in 1Sheeld.Connect IN 3 in h bridge to pin 9 in    1Sheeld.

- Connect IN 4 in h bridge to pin 10 in 1Sheeld. 

Step 4: Arduino Sketch

1- Now connect Arduino to your computer using USB cable.

2- Download Arduino IDE on your computer.

3- Download 1Sheeld library.

4- Put 1Sheeld library in Arduino-1.0.5-r2\libraries.

5-Open game pad example from 1shield library.

6- Plug arduino to PC and upload the code.

7-Download 1Sheeld from app store to your smart phone.

finally connect your smart phone with arduino vie 1sheeld and have fun! 

this video views the final work :


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