Arduino MIDI Mouse Controller

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Contamination Alarm for Pipette Tip Box

Project tutorial by kzra

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Arduino Wifi iNaturalist Display

Project tutorial by kzra

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Plastic Reflectic

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  • LCD Poetry Clock 10 months ago

    Thank you. Sometimes it feels good to lose yourself in a poem when you were only trying to check the time.

  • Lichess Link 10 months ago

    Thanks for the interest. I didn't know that the board was getting retired. I still see the board listed for sale on the Arduino website (i'm based in the UK): Primarily, the reason I chose this board was simplicity. I like that this project only requires the Uno board and an LCD shield to get up and running. Also, the project doesn't require soldering to be made portable.

    It wouldn't be too difficult to modify the project for a Wifi module board. In terms of software it would be useful if the module was compliant with the Wifi NINA library so you don't have to rewrite the HTTP requests with a different library. That said, the Wifi NINA library is very similar to the Ethernet and Wifi libraries and many of the function calls are the same (

    The alphanumeric input method could definitely be improved. From experience, it is completely feasible to play full games with the current input method (you get quite quick with a bit of practice), but I really like your idea of using voice recognition. This would require a fair bit of hardware development. In the same way, if you were able to use a speaker to announce the opponent's move it would make the project more accessible for those who are visually impaired (and playing on a tactile chess set).

    Unfortunately i'm fairly swamped with other work projects right now, but this is something I might look into in the distant future. If you decide to build the project and make some of these modifications, please post them! And good luck.

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