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Emonion: A Cathartic Onion-Cutting Experience

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  • Dora over 5 years ago

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I think the "Dora in the Wild" video nicely shows how captivating and interesting your product is to the passerby. The Cal theme worked great in providing a specific use case: to create fun and motivate giving on a university campus. I like the idea of using twitter to broadcast information about Dora. It was cool that users had to move users a certain distance to unlock Dora and get the gift inside, but I think improvements could be made to the leaving a gift part. Perhaps an infrared sensor could be use to ensure that the person taking a gift returned one and embarrass them with audio if they did not ("Swiper no swiping!"). Security would also be a concern if this idea was taken further, wheel locks might be activated if someone tries to take it off campus, a Cal ID might be needed to open it and it might temporarily record the last person to leave a gift in the event something leaves something offensive or dangerous in the box. Perhaps Dora might photograph and post a picture of each new gift on its twitter feed, but this might ruin the surprise for users.

  • Jack over 5 years ago

    I love the idea of a social shared method of transportation! If you guys get a bit more specific with your use case scenario (ex: for employees at Google's mountain view office to play with), the idea will be even more powerful. I love the aesthetic of the 3D printed chassis to house the electronics, It complements the waveboard nicely by playing off the wheel and conveying a sense of motion. I also the like visualization of Jack's location, which captures the wavemotion and conveys direction with decreasing dot size when Jack is moving. I would have liked to see some more gamification built into the user interface though, maybe the user could get points by taking Jack to new locations or other users trying to get Jack could appear as monsters on the map.

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