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  • Jack about 5 years ago

    I really loved the idea of adding personality to a niche transportation method because it's rather common to purchase an expensive unit and use it infrequently. The idea that friends would share cost and participate in this game to actually use and share the board makes it a very intelligent piece! I also really like a lot of the suggestions classmates have left. I think this team did an excellent job of predicting scenarios and creating a game that would be motivating among friends in a campus-like setting.

  • Flip about 5 years ago

    I'm really impressed by this project! As a kid, I loved learning about different kinds of animals, and something like this that encourages both physical activity and learning would've been very awesome to use. I really enjoyed your video and how you visually expressed a child's imagination. I think the sensor input to animal idea is really clever. I also really liked the idea that this device will increase awareness of endangered species and at risk habitats. My only concern is that the location of the screen on the hand could be difficult for children to see when swimming. Though I really like the glove itself, as I think it makes the wearer feel more creature-like, goggles with projections of animated sea creatures could be a cool extension of this idea!

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