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Battery health BLE control © GPL3+

System that monitor battery cells health in battery chains of UPS.

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Almost everywhere where UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) solutions used to protect powerfull load (data centre, industrial or medical equipment etc) you will faced with need to use a large number of batteries. It is nesessary to make battery test time to time to ensure that they have enough capacity to supply the load if nesessary.

Normally this test is made by technician who switch off batteries from UPS connect load to them and measure each battery with time interval and make curves that helps to decide if battery is healthy or it should be replaced.

Usually battery chains of UPS consist of tens or even nearly hundred batteries. And procedure of battery discharge takes a lot of efforts, time and as result cost a lot of money.

I offer to equip all batteries of all UPS used on facility with special low cost controller that will supply from battery, measure voltage and temperature of battery and transmit this data to Bluetooth Low Energy network and through BLE gateway - to internet. Usually UPSs has some interface - serial (Modbus), network (Ethernet) or RIO (digital inputs and outputs) that allow to change it condition - switch load from mains to batteries for example. Or periodically battery test could be configured in UPS logic. In combination with BLE controllers it allows to monitor battery health totally remotely and simultaneously and on different facilities using internet connection.


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