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Mini Stereo Radio with RDA5807

Project tutorial by Mirko Pavleski

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Software for Recording Audio Files Into ISD1700 Chips

Project tutorial by tsar_

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Arduino DCF77 Analyzer Clock MK2

Project tutorial by oliverb

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  • How to Make a NeoPixel Matrix 4 months ago

    If you have a lot of NEOPIXELS connected and you ever want to have many lit at the same time you cant get the current from Arduino, you need an extra power supply with N*60mA, for 140 Leds 140*60mA = 8,4 A at 5 V equals to 42 W. And it is better to have a star connection for the power distribution not a linear system as shown. You should use a Resistor between D6 and the first NEOPIXEL for protection!

  • Analog Style LED POV Clock 8 months ago

    Hi Mirko, nice project. But you dont tell us how the sensor is activated. I guess you have one magnet to activate the sensor for exact half of one rotation. To view it as a stable image the rotation should be more than 20 per second equal to 1200 rpm and 1 increment of posn is less or equal than 800µs. But the synchronism is based on the motor speed which will not be stable because of temperatur or other influences. To overcome this problem I can see two ways: First to have a sensor which detects every or every few posn ( an optical one or a magnetic angle sensor) or to control the rotation speed from the same or another arduino. The first is not easy to realize because of rotation.

  • Fast Power-MOSFET Driver Cookbook 9 months ago

    Thank you for this interesting discussion. My question is why you use in chapter 4 not a small MOSFET for Q1. And I would also use a current source instead of RC, this could save some current during OFF.
    Regards Christian

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