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Project tutorial by 5 developers

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  • SketchBoard about 5 years ago

    I think this is an interesting, simple, challenging, and open-ended project, but you guys did a wonderful job. Nowadays people like to be more unique, and this is an awesome way to convey your personality, because this product encourage users to really creative while riding the board, and show the final sketch, which is an artwork. Users can change the color, texture and type of pens. I would even suggest thinking of some approach to make the sketch in three-dimension (a bulk of foam), instead of two-dimension (a piece of paper). Great job!

  • NoPro about 5 years ago

    Very beautiful presentation and demo. I was truly amused by the video. To be honest, I will definitely buy your product at work, since I ALWAYS forgot to rest regularly and I felt strongly painful on my neck and shoulder after work. I think that the product can even be simpler: if you can get rid of the mobile part, and just notify users by the shoes, that would be good enough. On the other hand, I am glad to see it more of a platform rather than a single product. I think users may customize it, add on extensions, and more features. Very impressive job!

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