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This wearable assistant will help you in all situations like safety terms, health concerns and also clock/alarm clock. It's an all-in-one!

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Hi everyone, I'm Ashiqur Rahman. I'm currently working on "Wearable Technology" and I'm looking forward to upgrade this thing. Now-a-days, we can see so many "Wearable Gear" out there. But I think none of them have enough useful features. Some of them are working as a clock, some of them are being used for generating power attached with shoes or something and some of them are only stand for showing off in public. But I couldn't find any of the thing/gear with of the most useful feature. And I am working on this to add all the great features up in just one device.

What my idea is exactly

Our first concern will be public safety, then the healthcare, then the real time functions which can help a lot. So, we will target a simple backpack for this device - a bag that will contain all of these things in a very small place. It'll warn you in the perspective time, it'll take better care of you and it'll help you with your exact schedule and all other real time things that you don't want to miss. Okay, now let's move on to the topic. Firstly, let's start from the beginning.

When you press the power button, it will show you a greeting then a mini clock and the temporary data in a corner of the display. It will then gently scroll down all of your schedule that you saved previously, as well as show you the perspective time. From there, you can move on to your next job. It will also have an alarm to wake you up from the bed in the morning.

Secondly, we will add a GPS to this. Imagine you're on a ride to an unknown place, you even didn't know the name of the area or you don't have any idea about vehicle fuel tanks, but you know you should take precautions before going to that kind of place. Well,you could just save your home position or center location and set a range that, if you exceed the limit, the bag will vibrate and give you a warning; it will contain a powerful vibrator motor for warning/alert related functions

Now, let's move on to the healthcare concern. The device will have a temperature sensor and give feedback in the outer display. You can set a safe temperature limit so that when you're working outside in the sun unaware of the temperature, for example, the bag will inform you by vibrating and displaying warning dialogue if it the temperature exceeds the limit as it may not be good for skin tone, etc.

Then we will move into some IoT/Android based specification. That means that we will add a GSM module for real time feedback. Imagine you have a son/daughter that you want to look after all the time. One day, you're walking with your child in a park (or where have you), and suddenly you see a friend of yours there that you want to catch up with. Alternatively, you could be in the workplace or at home with your child, while you're busy you will obviously sacrifice some attention from your son/daughter and in the meantime they can get into dangerous places or situations. Childcare can be risky, as many kids are victimized every day. But this won't happen any more.

Just add this device with your kid's bag pack and be calm. Your Android/iOS smart phone will always be connected to the device in real time. This way, you can chill and have some time with your friends or finish up work without any worry.

Okay, now let's talk about aesthetics. Now-a-days, it would be very attractive to go outside with this bag while its color display shows custom characters. There are so many workable/helpful customizations that not only will people point you out, but they will also envy you. However, our concern is not to merely show off but also how much output we are giving you in the field. That's all.

Hopefully, you all will like it. I know I couldn't give a brief presentation/description about it, but hope this will work if you take this thing to your own observation. Obviously you know better than me and also your thinking power is broader than me.

Thank you.


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