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Mini Arduino CNC

Project tutorial by Zain Shahwar

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"Mini-Vintage" Internet Radio

Project tutorial by Guilherme Schallenbach

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  • Mini Arduino CNC over 5 years ago

    You can use BigEasyDriver also.

  • Mini Arduino CNC over 5 years ago

    Hii Straylight-uhura-9 it's nice hearing from you.
    I have used cd-rom drive but you can use any 6pin or 4pin stepper motors. In this project the machine only plot sketches and for that purpose motor doesnot need high current to drive. But if you want to mount a drill machine or you want to use this machine for PCB design or Milling purposes than higher current stepper motors and drivers must be used.
    EasyDrivers has 150mA/phase to 700mA/phase adjustible current and Power supply range from 6V to 30V which can handle cd-rom drives easily.
    Other similar drivers can be used for high current ranges e,g
    1. A4988 Stepper Motor Driver
    2. DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver

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