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  • Retro Arcade Clock 10 months ago

    Hello! Thanks for your reply. I actually got it working - turns out that I have a newer controller but the library has it! I'm just figuring out now how to use the full displ;yasince the original is 320 x 280 and mine is 480 x 320. Thanks for a great idea!

  • Retro Arcade Clock 11 months ago

    Hello - you mentioned some bitmap files in the text. I haven't found them in any of the. zip files or a link in the text.? Also, my screen is 480 by 320 so are there other changes to be made? I just get a series of bouncing lines near the one edge of the display after using the IL9341 fix.

  • WALTER - The Arduino Photovore Insect almost 3 years ago

    Wonderful project! Having built almost all of the original BEAM circuits, I just had to try this one! While it is not really a BEAM critter, it enables the concept to a new platform and a new generation. I'm sure Tilden would approve! Thanks for the idea and sharing the project...

  • Maze Solver Robot, using Artificial Intelligence almost 3 years ago

    Nice Job - reminds me of a contest back in the late 1970's sponsored by IEEE.

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