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LCD Menu - Tutorial

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Automatic IoT Watering System inclusive Monitoring

Project tutorial by Michi

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  • Automatic IoT Watering System inclusive Monitoring 3 months ago

    Hi Kekendo: in my project I pushed data from Arudino Yún to an external server (because I want to access my logged data outside from the home network). But in your case I suggest to create a connection from one board to the other: E.g. by using WiFi (modules). Another possibility instead of using WiFi: you can use RF433 modules to share data wireless (at least) into one direction. I already used those modules but I have not upload it here, yet.
    My recommendation to you: search in the internet: communicate two (multiple) arduino via wifi/wlan
    or: communicate two (multiple) arudino via RF433...then you should get same ideas which fits more to your problem.

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