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Aquarium Control & Monitoring

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Tanker - A IoT Aquarium

Project showcase by vapor83

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  • Aquarium Control & Monitoring 12 months ago

    Hey. Thanks for the feedback.
    I do not measure yet other aquarium params then temperature. So CO2 is only turned on/off via relay based on a schedule set via web interface. Same for the lights. My plan is to add more sensors to the setup, like PH meter.

    The complex web interface can not be served from a arduino wireless device. Indeed it would make the setup more independent adding a wifi connection. But i would use that only to communicate with server rather then serving a html file. Have you looked at the server and web client. I added a github link. So is not only displaying data on an LCD is also communicating, storing (in database) and rendering data in an responsive web interface. I will add print screens of the web app to the project description.

    Also I added IR only to gain quick access to controls. Not having to access the web-interface.

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