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  • Arduino Environmental Monitoring 10 months ago

    If wifi connection fails (i.e. router down) your current code will block forever. You may want to limit the number of connection attempts.

  • DIY Universal CNC Machine over 1 year ago

    Your belt for X-axis is not parallel to the axis of motion but at an angle. This brings two problems: (1) position error and (2) uneven belt tension.

  • Morse Code Receiver over 1 year ago
  • Morse Code Receiver over 1 year ago

    A photoresistor is a device with a low response time, That limits your accuracy and transmission speed. A photodiode, on the other hand, is a fast-responding device that should give you much better performance. Cool project!!

  • Monitor ECG and Respiration Using Your Arduino about 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot guys, I was a bit puzzled when I read the github claim "Another interesting feature of this shield is that you can also measure the respiratory activity using the same two electrodes connected to the shield. The ADS1292R uses a method known as impedance pneumography to measure respiration using the changes in chest impedance caused during respiration.".

    I was not aware about this technique but it seems pretty cool. Thanks agin.

  • Monitor ECG and Respiration Using Your Arduino about 3 years ago

    Are the three electrodes enough for respiration tracking too?

  • WiFi IR Blaster over 3 years ago


    This is a very cool and useful project. I just have some trouble with the output driver. You use a emitter follower configuration. That way the emitter has to be 0.6V below base voltage. Given that NodeMCU or MKR1000 operate at 3.3v volts that means only 2.7V are available for powering the two infrared in series. I do not think you are getting the best result this way. I suggest you try this other configuration (common emitter) and if available use 5V supply instead for the collector load.

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