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  • Old-School Two-Way Pager with Arduino 6 months ago

    A user emailed me to ask:
    could you please help me make another menu for phone numbers?
    I already made the pager and can receive and send messages, but would like to send messages to other friends too? It would be nice if you could help!

    I'm not able to sit down and do this myself, but was able to offer a few hints at least, and responded:
    Hi thanks for reaching out! I’m happy to give you a few pointers. I haven’t done it myself, but I can take a stab at some ideas. The number to send to is defined in line 48. You could add a step in the “sendSMS” function (line 216) to select a number instead of just displaying and using what is in memory (line 227 could call a new menu function). The selection could work like the menu used for choosing the message (main loop line 252).

    Good luck!

  • Old-School Two-Way Pager with Arduino about 2 years ago
    1. This project specifically uses the Hologram cloud and their SIMS, so other providers would be coded pretty differently, actually. You would have to dig into that separately.
    2. I've looked for keyboards for this project but couldn't find anything practical with an Arduino - let me know if you find something!
    3. That's out of my wheelhouse -- maybe someone else here will know about those services!

    Thanks and good luck with your project!

  • Old-School Two-Way Pager with Arduino over 2 years ago

    Everyone should also make sure that the GSM board is powering on! It does not do so automatically -- I had to solder a jumper. See the documentation section for more info:

  • Old-School Two-Way Pager with Arduino over 2 years ago

    Hi Boaz, I got your email. Thanks for reaching out! The start screen only advances once a connection is made, so it could be as simple as a bad cell signal (I've seen it do this myself). Try going outdoors to be sure! Could also re-seat the SIM card and double-check its orientation. And connecting to the serial monitor with a USB cable will help you see some of the included debugging messages (you can add more).

    Beyond that, I'd say back up and try the Arduino tutorials I link to first, to make sure the basic functionality is there: . Like I mentioned, I had trouble getting some of the functions to work but it ultimately was able to send and receive SMS no problem. If the Hologram SIM card won't work at all for you, I'd go check out their company forums as well for help from the Hologram engineers.

    Hope this helps! Would be cool to post a photo if you get it built!

  • Swimming Pool Lap Counter over 2 years ago

    Very cool! I was planning on making something just like it with 7-segment LEDs in a tupperware container. I like that this one lives underwater!

  • Old-School Two-Way Pager with Arduino over 2 years ago

    Steve, you are absolutely right—thanks! That works even though I never even tried originally because I did not expect it to work. Pleasant surprise! Code has been updated.

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